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We might sound a little biased tooting our own horn here. But seeing is believing. Our wonderful staff sets the stage for your appointments. Making appointments seamless, efficient and pleasant. Dentistry can actually be something you look forward too with these friendly faces waiting to meet you.

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Dr. Greg Joiner

Dr. Greg Joiner has proudly been creating an amiable environment for all his patients for the last four decades, A proud graduate of the University of Minnesota Dental School, Dr. Joiner’s 47-plus years of dentistry has enabled him to gain massive experience in the dental field.
He has had the privilege of treating multiple generations at Osseo Family Dental, creating a positive impact on both his patients and the community through his many years of service. Joiner’s meticulous attention to detail has earned him attention and accolades in the dental field. He has also been recognized as the Top Dentist by MN monthly magazine.

Dr. Wendy Tanner

Dr. Wendy Tanner is a highly experienced dentist who will always welcome you with a smile and get-to-know attitude at Osseo Family Dental! Her down-to-earth approach creates a comfortable atmosphere for patients wishing to be heard and treated.
Dr. Tanner is a proud graduate of the University of Minnesota Dental School and is well aware of the importance of being a local. With over 35 years of experience in the general, cosmetic, and implant industry, she is well-equipped to provide multiple dental solutions in a judgment-free clinic!

Office Manager


Hi, my name is Pamela! I am the Office Manager here at Osseo Family Dental. I have been on both sides of dentistry, having started my career as a Dental Assistant and later transitioned into Dental Management. My favorite part of dentistry is taking pride in making a positive impact on our patients lives and creating healthy and beautiful smiles.

Originally from Milwaukee, WI, I am a true cheesehead through and through, though I am so happy to call Minnesota my new home. Outside the office, I enjoy live music, hiking/traveling, spending time with family/friends, and snowboarding.