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Where Do I Find an Emergency Dentist in Osseo?

When you urgently need to see a dentist following an injury or as a result of a chronic disease, the last thing you want to do is to visit an unfamiliar emergency clinic where you don’t have any knowledge about the practitioners.

That’s why Osseo Family Dental provides emergency care with same-day and after-hours appointments. After experiencing any kind of urgent medical trauma, you want to be able to trust that you’ll receive excellent care.

But how will you know if you need an emergency appointment or if treatment can wait. We’ll help clear that up for you.

Signs that 'I'm Experiencing a Dental Emergency?'

Before you panic, here are some indications that you need emergency dental care:
  • You lost an adult tooth
  • You have severe pain in your tooth or jaw
  • There’s painful swelling in your jaw
  • Your gums are bleeding to an excessive degree
  • You have an abscessed tooth that is excreting pus
  • You were involved in an accident or injury that caused severe damage or fracturing to one or more teeth.
But there are other reasons why you may need emergency or urgent dental treatment, which we’ll cover below.
Dental Emergency

Which Dental Services are Treated as Dental Emergencies or Require Urgent Care?

Dental Emergencies Or Require Urgent Care

Dental Trauma Due to Injury

When a tooth is knocked out, you’ll need to act quickly to ensure it can be saved. The tooth should be carefully handled without touching the root, cleaned with water, and then put back in the socket while you gently hold it in place with gentle pressure. The sooner you can get to your dentist’s office, the greater the chance that you’ll be able to keep the tooth, but you generally have only a short window of time to save it.

For chipped teeth, try to locate any of the pieces, as your dentist may be able to reattach them. 

An accident or injury can also affect your gum tissue. Foreign material can become lodged beneath your gum line and lead to an infection that causes an abscess. An infection that leads to an abscess results in a painful pus-filled sac that must be treated immediately.

You can protect your mouth before you get to the dentist by rinsing with diluted salt water, and you can control any bleeding by holding and pressing a clean, damp cold compress against the affected area.

Severe Tooth Pain

Severe and/or persistent tooth pain should be quickly treated by a dentist. The pain is most likely caused by extensive decay that has spread throughout the tooth and even into the gums. The biggest risk is losing the tooth, so the most likely course of action is that the dentist will perform an emergency root canal. Root canals are necessary when an infection spreads to the pulp of the tooth. The diseased pulp must be cleared away quickly to avoid nerve and tissue damage and potential tooth loss.  Severe tooth pain could be caused by something other than an infection, but it’s important to see your dentist as soon as possible to rule out the need for a root canal.

Wisdom Teeth Pain

Partially-erupted wisdom teeth can develop a condition called pericoronitis, which means inflammation of the tissue surrounding the wisdom tooth. Pericoronitis can lead to an infection which causes pain and swelling around the molar, and in rare cases, the infection can spread to the head, neck, and bloodstream. Once an infection reaches the bloodstream, it’s known as sepsis which is a life-threatening complication. Symptoms of acute pericoronitis include:
  • Extreme pain at your back teeth
  • Gum tissue swelling
  • Pain during swallowing
  • Pus discharge
  • Lockjaw
  • Bad breath and a bad taste in your mouth
  • A dull ache that lasts for a couple of days.
Don’t ignore these symptoms and schedule an emergency appointment with your dentist.

Orthodontic Emergencies

It’s rare that an orthodontic emergency occurs, but occasionally a patient will experience severe pain, swelling, and infection. An emergency dentist can usually resolve these issues. But even if your braces are simply broken, they can cause pain that makes it difficult to function. Schedule an urgent-care appointment to have the appliance or the wires fixed.

How Much Does Urgent Care Dental Treatment Cost?

For most people who worry about the cost of emergency or urgent dental care, it’s because it’s an unexpected expense. However, there’s no need to worry that your procedure will be more costly than if you had scheduled it during a standard appointment window. Also, insurance should cover most or a portion of the restorative procedures used for emergency or urgent care. But if you’re having trouble making up the balance, the team at Osseo Family Dental will work with you to set up an easy payment plan. 

Don’t avoid getting emergency treatment because you’re worried about the cost. Delaying it may lead to further problems that will cost more in the long run.

Can I Find Emergency Dental Care Near Me?

Osseo Family Dental offers emergency dental care in Osseo and the following areas:

  • Anoka
  • Brooklyn Park
  • Champlin
  • Coon Rapids
  • Maple Grove
  • Plymouth

Keep our number close by and contact us as soon as you suspect that you’ll need emergency or urgent dental care.

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