Dentures can help replace your lost teeth and restore the functioning and glory of your oral cavity. But learning how to care for your dentures is essential to ensure that they last long. 

Dentures are dental appliances that you can use to help you speak better and chew correctly. These prosthetic teeth are designed to look just like your original teeth. There are over 36 million people in America who have no teeth at all. If you are among these people, then the possibility of using dentures has undoubtedly come up. 

Whether your dentures are complete or partial, they require regular cleaning to help keep them free from harmful bacteria and stains. Caring for your dentures properly can keep your oral health in tip-top shape. 

Let’s look into the best ways how you can take care of your dentures. 

How To Care for Your Dentures

How To Care for Your Dentures

Most people believe that if they opt for prosthetic teeth in the form of dentures, their oral hygiene routine days are over. The common misunderstanding is that because false teeth are made of prosthetic material, they do not require the care and attention that your natural teeth would have.

Well, we are here to smash that myth and let you know that dentures require just as much care as your real teeth. Regular maintenance and knowing how to care for your dentures is an integral parts of being a denture user. 

Here are some ways that can tell you all about how to care for your dentures. 

Brush, Brush, Brush!

Brush Dentures

Let’s be honest, people. Getting dentures is not your technical loophole to get out of oral care. Think about it – you are wearing a plastic dental appliance all day that covers most of your mouth. Do you really think you do not need to clean it? 

Your mouth generates the same amount of bacteria and stores the same amount of plaque and infection possibilities as it always did. So brushing your false and natural teeth after every meal is extra important to keep them looking good. 

Keep ‘Em Shining

Just like with your natural teeth, the food you consume when you wear your dentures has a significant impact on its appearance. Ingesting too many staining food items and beverages may hamper their shine and their whiteness, leading to tired-looking, discolored dentures.

You will want to avoid dark sauces, red wine, coffee, or anything containing artificial colorants to keep your false pearly whites bright and shiny. 

Handle with Care

A crucial aspect of denture care is to know that you have to handle them with care. Dentures are fairly fragile and easy to break if dropped or mishandled. Be careful while cleaning your dentures.

Always make sure that you are handling your dentures gently while putting them back on, and use both hands to fit them securely in your oral cavity. Do not try to bend the dentures in shape or adjust them, as this can cause permanent damage. 

Clean Your Mouth


Cleaning your mouth daily after removing your dentures is also important when learning how to care for your dentures. Clean your natural teeth using a soft-bristled toothbrush. If you do not have any teeth, use a soft piece of clean cloth or gauze to clean your gums, cheeks, tongue, and the roof of your mouth. Massage your gums to provide relief from any aches. 

Seek Professional Repair

If your dentures are broken or even just look out of shape, do not try to repair them on your own. Seek professional help if you chip, stain, break, or damage your dentures in any other way.

Trying to fix dentures on your own is only going to make matters worse, leading to a more costly problem. If you experience any damage to your dentures, contact your dentist immediately. 

Stay Away from the Hot & the Abrasive

Keep your dentures far away from hot water and abrasive cleaning materials. These two are like kryptonite for your dentures. Cleaning or soaking your dentures with hot boiling water can warp the plastic and damage them in a way that cannot be repaired.

Steer clear of high-strength cleaning materials, such as bleaching mouthwashes, abrasive toothpaste, stiff toothbrushes, and strong cleansers. 

Soak Them

Soaking your dentures regularly is another major aspect of denture care. Keeping your dentures soaked overnight helps hydrate them and cleans them of any food particles or debris still stuck to them.

Make it a habit to soak your dentures overnight in a mild water and cleanser solution. You can even use baking soda or white vinegar mixed with water. 

Rinse After Eating

Try to rinse your mouth and your dentures every time you eat. Run a stream of mild-temperature water on your dentures to remove loose particles and food debris. Clearing your dentures of any potential harmful infections is much easier if you rinse them and your mouth after each meal. 

Follow a Diligent Care Routine

A diligent care routine is an essential aspect of knowing how to look after your dentures. Never wear your dentures overnight. Always remove them before sleeping and soak them in a cleansing solution to prevent any damage or infection to your gums.

Practicing a proper cleaning routine every day can help you keep your dentures nice and tidy, and well-lubricated. 

When to Visit a Dentist

When to Visit a Dentist

If you are a denture user, you should know when to visit your dentist when it comes to your dentures


Learning to know how to care for your dentures is extremely important for maintaining good oral health. Your dentist can give you ideas on what tools and cleaning products to use for your dentures and advise you with tips on how to look after them. With the right care and cleaning routine, you can make sure that your dentures remain secure and stay in top condition. 

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